On the 28th of July 2015 my dad passes quietly and suddenly into the spirit world. He goes back home, to his Creator. He lays on his bed and my mom tells him that there’s no guilt in the hereafter. On that moment he folds his hands and says: “That”s good to know”. Closes his eyes and goes Home! 20 years before he founded the Foundation Oahspe with the goal to inform and educate people in Spiritualism and to let them experience that there’s life after death. When he was a student he got a vision when he saw my mom. He knew she would stand next to him. My dad was so different than many other students she had met before. In his early youth he had been in a Japanese camp. When he was aged 11, he came to Holland and was placed into all sorts of fosterhomes.

At his young age he had an aversion from authority and rules. His thought were renewed and he was always looking for the truth, how is it all working, how to live, where you’re coming from and what happens after death.
Four children are born, all psychic talented. One more than the other but all at a young age interested in talking with God, guides and the departed people.

​More than 20 years they work as a family with interested people to develop mediumship, inspirations and meditation to receive more and more information from the unseen world.
Then, Dick, goes to the spirit world. He can finally leave his body so his consciousness grows to be able to see and understand more.
Within 3 days after his passing away he’s clearly present to all the four children. Each of them in his or her own way. By words, trance and writing.
Direct evidence came in which we as children received the same information, apart from each other but quite often in the same period of time. Not only us but several people around us.
We’ve put all these beautiful inspirations of him together. On earth he already wanted we should get more knowledge about live after death.
To take away the fear of death is to take away the fear of living.

Enjoy these messages so far. In the future we’ll put all the messages together into a book.
Love Bonnie

The 3th of August 2015 (the day before the funeral):

It”s so special Dad, you are already so present here and whisper all funny things and information towards us. After your memorialservice tomorrow I will write all your information down. Like you said: we have already practised for more than 20 years, so co-writing can”t be any problem. Even if I like to have my own moment off grieve because you are physical not here any more, I hear you laughing and your voice that asks what I”m doing now.

I like to have my own moment Dad, I say….then a huge stream of love and presence comes to me which I never felt before. Tears of sadness become tears of emotion. Great moment!

The 7th of August 2015

I’m doing this work already for 20 years but I’m surprised how clearly I can hear and feel my Dad now he is back home. Even more than during the sessions from the last 20 years. And I’ve got a very strong urge to share these messages with you.
I ask you Dad how all this communication this quick is possible and you tell me that’s because we are a part of you. All 4 of us receive your information. You tell me we are not only a part of your body but also a part of your soul. By this the communication between the worlds can become clearer. Actually we all could do this? Yes, you say, only in the beginning we got overwhelmed by emotions and most of us haven”t got the awareness that it is possible and are thinking we are making it up.You tell me that”s the goal and that we will write more and how it exactly works; leaving the body and arriving in the world of light. Also beautiful I got the message that in all the flowers at the funeral you could see everybody”s story and thoughts about you.
You are not tired anymore, you have been that long enough in your body on earth. It feels like you are buzzing, so much energy and love is felt now there is no barrier anymore from the body.
And yes, I will write small parts down about what you pass on to me. I know it is important for you, for me as well.
People sometimes ask how long it takes before you can feel again a beloved one who just passed over….. the first 3 days the soul is close to the body and then the soul and body let eachother go. Directly a bigger stream of love comes free and is more felt by the relatives.
Strange word relatives….. after your death their is a relation/connection?
You answer my question about love that the more love you can feel for yourself, the more love you can feel for your Creator and the Creation; for life and the divinity(?) in the other. And yes, unfortunately we are distracted too much to experience the source of love really in ourselves in stead of looking for it outside of us. God, the divinity is not outside of us but like a sparkling fontain in our heart.
Thanks Dad

August 9th

During the sundaysession today, words from my father:
“The consciousness is growing at me. I am not stucked anymore towards the brains but have a wider consciousness now.  It is not for nothing I passed over now and you are here together. So I am clearly present at those who are bringing their attention towards me because we have to bring it over and tell in the world. That life goes on.And each of you tell about it. Don”t think if the other is judging you but talk from your own experience.
We are together with a big group on this side and your side which was planned to be a long time ago. We like to ask you not to develop any embarrassment about what you receive. We spread parts at different people and on the same moment you share them, you”ll see the most of you received the same; to confirm each other and the receiving of the inspiration. All aim to education and awareness that life goes on.
I am very satisfied how clearly you can receive me, that I can see what the intention is of it all and to be so present.
My heart is open, it works again, much better than my physical heart. And the emotion was deep when I discovered how much love is possible…… especially for yourself and how it directly gives a connection with the Creator and with love in the other person.”

August 20th

Dad, so many people with so many questions. You also always had a lot of questions. Did you get all your answers there?

“Partly Bon, though my conscious can apprehend so much more now than yours, I still see only a part. There are unknown areas to me as well, and questions that have been unanswered.
I was very much against the idea of reincarnation. But it exists, though differently than how we think of it on earth. I mean you come back to earth in a materialized body, formed out of earthly material. There are so many more variations and possibilities, also in materials. Choices, it is all about making choices. In our choices we create worlds, events and encounters.”

I find this difficult Dad. Some lives here on earth, why would you create them voluntarily?

“I can only tell you, that being in this complete state of love, there are endless choices. There is so much to experience, on earth and in other worlds. It’s not that everyone reincarnates on earth. There are many more possibilities, beyond imagination. We, the souls of the earth, do have an attraction to our planet though.  In a complete state of love you make choices for growth, for understanding. Then on earth you realize these choices take time, cause suffering and inconvenience. It is just different seen from here. I also made choices in my life that caused suffering. We all do, in our own way. It brings us knowledge, understanding and a growing love. We chose some events in our life based on this complete state of love. Other choices made on earth are based on fear and ignorance. All choices made out of love were made in agreement with love.”

Difficult Dad, my head is spinning.

“That’s because your mind instantly starts convicting Bon. But thinking cannot judge the choices made. On earth there is a system of judgement. This is good, that is bad. The system here is based on love which make so many things on earth different from what they seem. As you already know, your judgement is what causes pain.
Give yourself the greatest gift; realize yourself that on earth you are limited, you cannot see the bigger picture, so you cannot and should not judge. And yes, I was judgemental too Bon, all based on what I thought was right and wrong. You can always chose for love and light! And if you do, you will find that all that happens in your life, also the painful stuff, is a blessing.”

Yes dad, but what about children dying young, children being molested in a horrible way. People who can’t have a normal life anymore because of what happened in their youth. Or at least what I would call a normal life.

“These are big subjects, not so easy to explain in a way you can understand it with your heart and stop judging it. Judging will stop the exploration. There is so much more than what you on earth can comprehend. Judgement will stop the search for knowledge, truth and understanding, I’ll come back on this later, when I really know how to explain this to you all in the best way.”

Another question Dad. Where are you at the moment?

“I am in a beautiful scenery, but there also are temples, cities, places to encounter and meet, places that are difficult to describe. And I talk to Huib a lot and to others. About how we can and may help you. It is clear this will become a book. Not just with what I give you, but also with the information you will receive from others from here. The beauty of it all is that there are endless variations. Like the way I passed over and came here, and how others experience that. Some people we literally have to wake up, so convinced are they that there is nothing after death.
We would like you to combine all the inspirations from all 4 of my children. It will make it complete. You already have noticed how you receive the same information at the same time, but also that others around you can receive this information. Just for reassurance. Because we know how critical you all can be. And the fact that Mum sometimes doesn’t know what to do is good. It will make you stronger and keen and able to catch and help her. Keep going on like this. I am so proud of you all.”

August 23

Hi Dad, you even wake me up at night. It was so beautiful all I saw and heard. Could you please repeat that for me? I just couldn’t get out of bed then.

“Bon, it would be better if you would write immediately. The nights are the best hours to receive information. So pure. But let’s talk about my arrival here.
I already told you about the flowers, the nature, the buildings, the temples of light, the hills, and the spaces filled with light. Oh, and the water. The water is magic and so cleansing! To lie in it, or to drink it, it is just so special. You can feel the water spreading through your body and how it provides you with light and vitality. We have a body here too you know, which of course we all enhance, but similar to what we looked like on earth. Because it will make you recognize yourself better. And later you can always change it.
Everyone that comes here experiences it differently, because we all come from different cultures. What you believed in is more or less what you see here too.
This area, the first layer, what you always call Summerland Bon, is the area in which you reflect on your life, where you forgive yourself and deal with unfinished business. E.g. a passion that you never lived through you can still undergo here. Very inspiring!
Since I knew where I was going, I started working very quickly. My work to help people become conscious of the life here in the unseen world.

As you see Bon, you don’t write only for yourself or the family, but for so many people. Some print the messages and collect them. Others feel a closer connection to their own beloved deceased ones. The veils between the 2 worlds will disappear eventually.
In fact, the veils are only there because of fear and ignorance. When you don’t look any further, when you are scared, you create a veil around you. And then it is more difficult to see the light and the love. This also is the case when people with very strict ideas, convictions or with fear come here in the unseen world. Sometimes they still live in darkness. You would call this hell on earth, but just see how you create this hell on earth yourself by being ignorant, staying that way and having fear. It is so important that people understand this! Fear and ignorance create half-darkness. You live in a darker area, on earth and here.

Love means light and warmth and often it is so much easier here than on earth to show someone their light again. And that way you also see the light in yourself.

Love is light
Love is warmth
Love is sight
Love is the light in the darkness
It will arise new insights
Love is forgiving
It will show you who you really are
Love is divine power
Love is so powerful
Love will bring understanding and a deep knowing
It will make you forget all that is not true
Love will clarify all
And will bring you a fulfilling smile.”

Well Dad, I see you are still the poet?

Yes. And it is a beautiful practice for mankind because you can’t think when you write poetry. We can inspire you with words. The most important thing is that you will start to realize how close we are to you.

The sentence from the Bible ‘let rest the dead’ is silly. I am not dead. We see people reading these words and we just want to connect to you all. It starts with pretending. That is a word used on earth, but actually it is synonymous to the sense of the soul. The soul feels, hears, and sees, experiences. Though unseen, as is the unseen world is to you too. Which is a good thing, for it means you can see the unseen world 😉
You already got it Bon, and that’s is why this flows so organically. You start by pretending you see and hear me. You imagine me here, in this beautiful scenery. And the good thing about it is that you think you are pretending, but you don’t! Because you can’t make something up that isn’t already there.
Compare it to pretending you feel well. Do that for a while and what happens? You start to feel well. Why? Because you can only pretend what is already inside of you.
You can only imagine things that are already there. Whether on earth or here in the unseen world. The time is now that you have to open these eyes, the eyes of your soul. We are so diverted by our earthly senses.
I want to ask you to lift all the veils of fear and ignorance.  Which means no fast judgement, but really exploring things. Something unknown? Never heard of? Explore it, with all your senses, especially the invisible ones.

I saw you all together on the beach yesterday. Very good! Keep Mum busy. It will pass. I love her, she is doing well. The physical hassle will pass. It is important to her that she talks of herself lovingly.  And I will look into healing, yes, that is possible from this side also.
There is so much to tell you! That is why I want all of you to start writing. You, Ludo, Willemijn. It will show what corresponds and complements and also the so called ‘coincidences’.

Oh, and let me tell you about the different layers here, and about the resurrections. As you can imagine, when you just arrive here you want to re-invent yourself. How you look, where you lived, what you wear. Also you get to explore the passions that you never had time for on earth.  The gifts and talents that you never knew you had. I had a much bigger talent for writing than I ever knew. All because my teacher told me I couldn’t write. In that way talents are being suppressed before they can even surface. What a waste!
But it least we get to do it here. Because of my polio I couldn’t do many things on earth and now I can. Living on the edge nowadays. Hey, what can happen to me? I am dead already 😉

Then you can really dissolve in love. That will happen when you feel love and light more and more and therefore become love and light.  Your personality will dissolve. Oh, just to make things clear; there is no rush here. Most of us wait patiently for you to arrive. There really has to be a bigger plan if someone moves on fast or materializes again, on earth or elsewhere. Also, one gets to travel to zones where there are other species. Anything is possible. It is hard to explain. Just realize; everything you can imagine is possible, and more. It is different for every one of us here, exept that the love and light becomes so much clearer for everyone. But enough for now Bon.”

Thanks Dad. 

August 28th 2015:

How lovely that it is so early with no one around. Peace and quiet. I notice it’s hectic and that I don’t have the time to be still and to hear you. Sometimes I do feel you for a moment, and then I am distracted again. 

“Yes Bon, the undisciplined spirit. That is also why you think that you have heard me less this last week. That is because you are busy with something else. It’s not still. And when there is a lot of noise around you and in your mind, then it becomes a lot more difficult to hear us.
Stillness is so important for all of us, also to start hearing your own soul. In reality we are allowing ourselves to be distracted by a lot of things on Earth. The body, your feelings and thoughts, but not the silent voice of the soul. Therein lays in reality all the information.
Isn’t special…how everything that we channel to different people is corresponding with each other? It is also good to mention this Bon. A lot of people like me always need reassurance and prove. Nothing wrong with that”.

Ok Dad, will do that. Next to the fact that I write, there are a lot of people who receive you too. As it happens we write down the same kind of information at the same time.
How special also, that young girl of 7 in Australia who was convinced that you did not need transition time. And we knew it because we could hear you so clearly. Extraordinary; Marlou and I writing about the same. Nice, the personal messages for Mum. And many people tell me that they suddenly, because of you, can hear their own loved ones better. Extraordinary. Also I receive beautiful mails and messages of gratitude and how good it feels that we are writing this down together. And then Mangalam, who came over on Sunday and does not know you but seemed to know so much about who you were, how you marriage was preordained and about the time you almost took over the steering wheel in the car. Well you have always had an enormous obsession with cars and freedom.

“Yes that’s because I find freedom so important. Now I realise that I wasn’t as free as my soul wanted to be. Hence my grumbling and my anger when I felt that my freedom was being limited.
I experience here, where everything is possible, that we don’t use all the chances we get on Earth. There is no judgement now, it just happens because on Earth we find it difficult to deal with fear. We learn to avoid fear, actions and communications for which we are afraid. By doing so you limit yourself in your actions. Luckily you don’t have much trouble with it anymore. And nice how Marlou and others from our family are also being triggered. Very good. Just keep learning.
And thus not walking away from fear but going for it. That they don’t teach you on Earth. If you go for it and through it then you find out that is was a construction of your mind. That’s what fear is. A construction of your mind. The more you think about it the bigger it gets”.

Dad, I’m not impatient….. but tell a bit more about where you are now. It’s like you lift some veils for us.

“Ok, at this moment we are with many light beings, people and godly lights together. And when I say ‘many’ then I really mean many. A lot are busy at this moment to send information to Earth. It’s so funny, when I have a question in my mind, they directly receive and answer it. Through an energy, a light, it comes into my head, in my consciousness and I understand what is being said. It’s great to learn so much again and to do things. I ask for example what the purpose is and how we can convey this information as pure as possible. As pure as possible because you also have a filter of convictions and expectations in your mind. Sometimes it goes smooth but often there are obstacles too. Also you are limited in your consciousness and understanding different dimensions.
There are endless areas and possibilities here. A lot depends on what your view was and is about the afterlife. Often that shows up first. After that it is important to open yourself. Becoming innocent and looking around with curiosity. Really, then you are going to see much more.
I have already told you what I see but that can be different for anyone else. As I said: countless different possibilities. Almost impossible to understand, right?
I also have more to say about healing. As I said the other day, there are really clear rays of light that can be send and can strengthen the light of the soul. In the soul arises the possibility to become healthy again, sometimes that’s not meant to be because the soul has decided differently, something your mind can’t understand. But in any case it brings you to love and surrender.
It’s beautiful to see how you are sending healing to people. How rays of light filled with love, warm the heart of the other. We, and many here, are joining happily and intensify your ray of light. It looks like we make the person lighter. The lighter you become the more you are able to see, feel and experience the light world.
I understand this now, look at how I was, so angry because the body did not work well. You perish in worries and frustration. But through surrender and choosing love, the world of light becomes tangible. That makes having a physical sickness so much more bearable. Your attention is being directed to your soul. And the soul is so much bigger than the body and can move also. Your soul can travel through many dimensions. She knows them all. Our thinking and judging about it hinders the travel.
Oh and yes, let those piggies of mine also start writing. Beautiful to give information through children’s minds. So playful and so happy when that happens”.
Bye Bon,
Bye Dad and thank you. I get so happy and always feel such joy.

A beautiful piece from my other sister that I want to place here, about loss.
“Yes loss can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you are not inside your loving self (soul). When you are there, by means of meditation or prayer then you immediately feel comfort, love and affection and the loss disappears. Loss is an emptiness that is mostly coming from the physical body. Feeling closed off from one another or in this case from your family. This is not the reality. In your thoughts you are together and also in energy. Energetic ties connect some people to others. They are connected with their hearts. You are too.
When you are standing in that energy then you don’t feel the loss because you are really connected. Internet could help people connect, but also not, because you see only the physical actions and it doesn’t transmit the feelings and energies. More often now, the feelings can also be shown through that medium but there is still a long way to go”

August 28th at night:

What is standing in the way of love, Dad?

Resentment, anger, pride and self-criticism. I can relate to that too. For me it was anger and self-criticism. Love has given me a beautiful wife and children, that I really feel now, the love for you all. On Earth we always talked about this cliché. That we only know what we have when we miss it or don’t have it anymore. We are so busy with ourselves that we can’t feel the love. I can feel so much love for you all now and yes Bon I understand your emotion. You know it and still you find yourself falling into the trap. I can only tell you this: be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and bring your attention to your love. You have enough like we all have, but that doesn’t mean we give it attention to discover how deep it is. We get a taste of it on the surface and then we walk through life. Not standing still in the wonder of love.
As I said before it comes down to not enough self-love. Beneath resentment, anger, pride and self- criticism lays a shortage of self-love. And that love brings you home, in yourself, with the other and to the source.
I can only try to let you feel this love that now flows without any constrictions. And yes, when your guide asked you to jump, he really meant jump in the source of love, without any reservations for anyone. It is indeed the source in you that you jump into.
I know that you can feel this Bon, that it moves you and that you have always missed it. This was your intense longing as a child to home, this home, where I am now. And you know it’s so close. It’s in you. This is what so many of you feel, the longing to be home. You feel it? It is here.

Dad, please help me to feel this everyday. …
Yes Bon and not only you. We will do so for sure.
Pfff thank you Dad,

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Liefde is de vlam die de ziel doet ontvlammen

Irene - de Levensinitiaties en Heelwording

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Jennecke - Mystieke avonden

Heerlijke avonden waarbij ik kan herbronnen en geinspireerd raak door de teksten en muziek, telkens weer. De meditaties voelen voor mij diep en helend op een heel laagdrempelige manier. Ik kan het van harte aanbevelen.

Ilona Sitskoorn - Ibiza retraite

De diepgang in een retraite als deze ontstaat alleen als je door ware leermeesters begeleid wordt. En dat zijn jullie Bonnie en Irina! De plaatsen waar jullie mij naar toe hebben begeleid, hebben wederom voor mooie inzichten gezorgd. Ik heb nu op een nog diepere laag ervaren wat thuiskomen bij jezelf betekent. Ik ben dankbaar dat ik jullie al jaren ken en ik hoop nog heel lang met jullie mee te mogen lopen op dit pad. Elke retraite opnieuw word ik nog een laag dieper begeleid. Dank jullie wel, jullie zijn magisch…

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De locatie is bovendien prachtig en er wordt heerlijk vegetarisch voor je gekookt.
Voor mij zijn er tijdens deze retraite werelden geopend waar ik het bestaan niet van wist. En ik dacht dat ik al veel had ervaren.

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